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The Epidemic of Violence:

 Identifying the cause to find a solution


 What can we do to address the mounting gun violence crisis in our country? From Columbine to Sandy Hook. From Las Vegas to Parkland. The number of victims is staggering. The effect on the communities and our families impossible to assess. 

Revising our gun control laws is imperative. But there is also a deeper issue at the root of this never ending bloodshed. What causes a person to develop into someone who could perpetrate these horrific acts? Is it possible to isolate a genetic factor responsible for this behavior? Could that be diagnosed and treated?

"The Epidemic of Violence" has gathered a notable group of experts who hope to answer these questions and provide possible solutions.

We will hear from medical professionals who have researched the development of the brain, identifying different personality types who develop extreme coping mechanisms from a very early age, indicating future difficulties in handling life's challenges. We will speak to the creator of a program which advocates for the importance of early intervention when certain red flags present themselves. And we will investigate a health care and legal system that understands these issues but must be given the  resources to provide proper aid to those in need.

If we can give them tools to change that path to aggressive behavior at an its earliest stages, perhaps we  can help put an end to this "Epidemic of Violence"


Key People Behind the Documentary Film

Coming together for this project is a very prestigious group of top professionals.  The Executive Producers are  Jane Friedman (former President and CEO of HarperCollins Publishers Worldwide and Co-Founder and former CEO of Open Road Integrated Media, a digital content and marketing company); and Robert R. Blume (Entertainment Producer/Talent Manager and Executive Producer of the annual Drama Desk Awards-the ‘Golden Globes of the Theatre’).    

The very talented creative team is led by Writer/Producer, Carrol Mendelson (who initiated the project);  Gail Kaufman Weinbrum, Producer and Danna Hyams, who has been producing film and theater for more than 30 years, including work as a Creative Executive at New Line Cinema.

We are deeply saddened by the untimely passing of our original director, Burt Dubois. We look forward to sharing his vision for our upcoming documentary.   A new Director will be announced shortly!

These celebrated professionals have been working for months and are committed to shepherd and produce this solutions journalism documentary; as these student victims, their families and communities, continue their never ending journey to recover, find purpose, create solutions, and make a difference in today’s world. 

Washington Post Article of August 9, 2018 About KYLE LAMAN

Please take a moment to read this recent article on Kyle’s life from the Washington Post article on August 9ththat gives perspective to the overwhelming detail of what happened that day and what Kyle and his family continue to struggle with daily. 

Read the article HERE! 

Our documentary film will give as vivid a personal and family portrait of the lifetime of struggle and challenge that Kyle, and every family member and friend of those shot and killedhas to deal with for the rest of their lives. 

We Need Your Help via Contributions / Grants / Donations

You can help be a vital part of funding this powerful documentary that can change lives and the way Children's Mental Health is dealt with to prevent these massacres!  

All contributions will be made to THE FIELD, an organization that empowers entrepreneurial artists by providing non-profit affiliation and fundraising support.  All donations and grant awards to our documentary film are tax-deductible and can be processed through The Field’s 501(c)(3) 

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Download the Information Package  that gives further details about our team and the project.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at:

You can make a big difference with your involvement and donation!  We invite you to become part of our team

The Epidemic of Violence: A moment in time that changes liv

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The Epidemic of Violence